Top 10 tips for creating a relaxing bedroom environment

21st Sep 2019

The fast-paced nature of today’s society and technologically connected world means that getting a good night’s sleep is more important, but also more challenging, than ever. We’ve compiled a list of our top ten tips to help you create a peaceful paradise in your bedroom.

1. Choose calming colours

Colour is very powerful when it comes to affecting your mood. For your bedroom, choosing cooler hues, such as pastel blue, is recommended as they have a more calming effect on your mind, promoting rest.

2. Declutter

Cut down on collectibles and try and keep meaningful pieces only. There are lots of savvy storage options available to help keep any essential items organised and hidden away. Clearing your room of distractions will help you maintain a clearer mind.

3. Minimal décor

Less is certainly more when it comes to your bedroom. A busy room often means a busy mind, which makes it harder to nod off to sleep.

4. Use adjustable lighting

Soft and soothing lighting is ideal for a bedroom. Dimmers and adjustable lighting are a great investment as you can switch between low ‘mood’ lighting for night time and brighter lighting to help you awake in the morning.

5. Tranquil artwork

Distracting images should be avoided to allow the mind to relax. Instead, choose beautiful, calm pieces to complement the tranquil you’re creating elsewhere in the room.

6. Keep it cool

Your body temperature drops to its lowest level whilst you sleep, so as a rule, your bedroom also needs to be kept at a cooler temperature to avoid you waking up in the middle of the night.

7. Beautiful bedding

Linens and pillows are important for creating a truly relaxing bedtime retreat. We spend approximately one third of our lives in bed, and a good night’s sleep is key to optimum wellbeing, so investing in quality bedding is worthwhile. Natural, sumptuous fabrics comfortable, breathable and look beautifully cosy too. Add soft pillows to complete the look.

8. No tech zone

Electronic devices omit blue light which tricks your brain into believing it’s time to wake up rather than relax, which can make it difficult for you to drift off to sleep. As a solution, ensure all devices are switched off at least one hour before bedtime, or, if you can, keep them out of the room altogether.

9. Treat the senses

Nothing promotes total relaxation like a spa-like, serene environment. To create your own harmonic haven, try using calming scents such as lavender. Reed diffusers are an ideal way to add a continual aroma to your home that you can leave unattended, unlike a candle.

10. Pick your patterns

Choosing one pattern in select places throughout the room can add interest without being too overbearing, so your room doesn’t lose its relaxing ambiance.


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