The rise of the smart home

23rd Nov 2017

Technology is evolving rapidly, and technological innovation in our homes is fast becoming the next big trend. With people leading increasingly busy lives, the ‘smart home’ concept is designed to make day to day life easier and more manageable, by allowing you to control multiple features and appliances using cutting-edge, remote ‘smart’ technology.

Smart homes are appealing to more and more people because they can help to save time and money, and in some cases offer an added sense of security.

Monitoring electricity and gas usage is becoming easier with the introduction of smart meters. Smart meters offer customers a constant view of their usage levels and the cost of this, and readings are automatically sent to your supplier, making estimated readings a thing of the past.

The launch of Amazon’s dash buttons has promised a retail revolution, making it incredibly easy to shop for your favourite and most used items. This Wi-Fi-connected device, managed through the Amazon app on your smartphone reorders your favourite product with just the press of a button.

Smart speakers are also on the rise, with dozens of models being unveiled this year. Google, Amazon, and Apple are amongst the names to release theirs. You can ask your speaker to do anything – play music, order you a taxi, tell you the weather; the possibilities are endless for your digital helper.

Technological advances are not only being made for us, but also for our pets. There’s lots of automatic toys available to make sure your furry friends are always entertained. The iFetch automatic ball launcher, for example, allows your dog to get plenty of exercise throughout the day whilst you’re out.

The market is so wide now that there is a technological solution for all of your household needs.


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