Location, location, location

17th Oct 2017

Location is key when it comes to choosing a new home. It can affect your lifestyle, your child’s education, your finances and, depending on the level of investment, what property you move onto next.

Here are a few key things to bear in mind when choosing the location for your perfect property.

Transport links

Finding somewhere that allows you to maintain a good work-life balance is important to most people when searching for a new home. Easy access to transport or commuter links can not only make a property more valuable, but save you a significant amount of time when it comes to getting from A to B.

School catchment areas

If you have a young family, or are planning on starting a family, being within close proximity to a good performing school is an important consideration to help offer your kids a great education. Even if you do not plan to have children, being in a good catchment area will help increase the value of your property should you ever intend to sell.

Eating and entertainment

Having an array of restaurants and pubs on your doorstep can be another great reason to live somewhere. A variety of leisure and entertainment choices to please family members of any age and taste will ensure everyone is satisfied. Areas such as Moseley, a popular village just outside Birmingham city centre, offer an eclectic mix of popular chains and quality independent businesses. Moseley hosts many music festivals each year, too, including the Folk Festival and Jazz, Funk and Soul Festival.


Establishing that the neighbourhood and ‘vibe’ is to your taste is of paramount importance. The best way to soak in the atmosphere is to discover it for yourself beforehand. A great way to do this is to visit the area during both the day and night.

The future

Researching if there are any plans to redevelop or expand the area surrounding your new home is essential before signing on the dotted line, as this can help indicate whether your property is likely to go up, or indeed down in value in the future. A good tip if you plan to use your home as an investment to capitalise on in the future when you come to sell, is to check out areas that are being signposted for regeneration and gentrification, as these often pose great potential to rise in value.

Thinking about investment for the future is sensible when purchasing your ideal property. However, finding the right balance for your needs and preferences is ultimately the most important part of making the move, to ensure a lifetime of happiness in your new home.


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